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Let us tell you a little bit more about us…


Who We Are:

Eatstudent was launched in 2006 by two first-year students at University (over a cold ‘breakfast pizza’). Our idea was to have an easily accessible archive of menus from the best local takeaway, specifically for fellow students. The business grew steadily over the next few years, and by 2008 thousands of students were using eatstudent to order their food (either that or our mums were constantly clicking on the site to make us feel better). In 2009, to keep up with a rapidly changing industry, we have brought in a new director (and youth team coach) and implemented a custom-made, high-tech online ordering system. We now serve the Universities of Manchester, Manchester Met, Brunel, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and Leeds!

Eastudent is now the home of student offers and discounts from JUST EAT, the UK’s leading online takeaway ordering service. Giving you an even bigger selection of takeaway restaurants near student halls and universities to choose from.

What We Do:

We find the best takeaways for students in each university town and put them online. It is then quicker and easier for students to locate their best local restaurants and order from them. We also negotiate exclusive discounts with each restaurant, so it’s also cheaper for students to order through us. Also, we’re really good at thumb wars.

Why we have the best online ordering system ever:

When we first developed our online ordering system we decided to investigate some of our competitors’ methods of transferring customer orders to the specific restaurant. We found that in most cases, the order was transferred to a call centre before it went through to the restaurant, or it was sent to the takeaway by fax. We felt that both these methods were exceptionally unreliable and outdated.

Instead, we decided to design a far more reliable and customised method of transferring your order to the restaurant. EVERY ORDER THAT COMES THROUGH OUR WEBSITE IS DIGITALLY SENT TO THE RESTAURANT STRAIGHT AWAY. This means no more miss-communications and no more engaged signals. We also realise that no matter how good a technology is, it can never be 100% reliable (although we’ve got it pretty damn close). That’s why we have real life humans monitoring every single order that passes through our website. They see when you place it, when it is sent through to the restaurant and when the chef receives it and starts cooking. In fact, this team of monitors is contactable at all times (even at 3 in the morning) to make sure you get your food and deal with any issues that may emerge. FACT – If you order a double pepperoni explosion, sweet and sour curry with extra chips, you will be eating that double pepperoni, sweet and sour curry with extra chips!